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About Us

Our Vision:

      We are going to purchase products through Global Bridge Trade our New York-based company established in the USA, and make shipments to Europe-Turkey and Middle East countries. For this purpose, we want to get to know both new products and related companies by visiting fairs in the USA.
We are going to sell the products that we are going to supply from companies in America through our Global Bridge Trade company, together with our Istanbul-based company named SEBA REKOR BASOGLU EXTERNAL TRADE, in Turkey. In the first place, we are going to import the products used in many sectors, especially in the construction machinery and automotive sector and in many sectors that are their subsidiaries, from America through our Global Bridge Trade company and present them to our domestic companies. Our main goal is going to be to import products that are needed by our companies, especially those engaged in hydraulic hose and coupling business in 81 provinces and districts of Turkey, as well as automotive repair and maintenance services from America, and present them to Turkey, Europe and Middle East countries. By following the rapidly changing and developing technological products everyday we are going to quickly market these products through Global Bridge Trade company.
We see the above-mentioned works as our short-term goals. In the medium term, we are going to market some of the products related to the sector that we market through SEBA REKOR BASOGLU EXTERNAL TRADE, our domestic marketing company based in Istanbul, to the United States through Global Bridge Trade company. We want to do an effective work by participating in fairs in America to promote these products. Buying from America and selling in Turkey, buying from Turkey and selling in America is going to be possible with a healthy trade bridge to be established between two continents. The name of this bridge is GLOBAL BRIDGE TRADE.
One of our goals that we want to achieve in 4-6 years is to get distributorships from the USA and to carry out marketing activities between the two countries by marketing in Turkey and distributorships from Turkey to the USA.

Our Mission:

       As a GLOBAL BRIDGE TRADE company, our aim will be to ensure that the products used in the Industry, Automotive, Construction and Construction Machinery sectors are brought together with the target audiences between the USA, Europe-Turkey and the Middle East countries.

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